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  • Self-Healing: Spray Paint to Cover Hits
  • Reusable: 3000 (+/- 1000) round lifespan
  • No Ricochet: Safe for Close Quarters Use
  • Water and Weather Proof
  • 100% Made in USA


We manufacture our own patent pending product to take out the middle man, allowing us to give you the best value possible and keeping our products 100% made in the USA.
110 Rounds of 5.56 Per square inch Guaranteed!


Must-have Features For Any Shooter

Mounting System

Use the included clamps to mount your target or use an alternate method such as driving construction screws through the target into your posts or drill out a hole and string up with rope!

Universal Size

Our full size Infinity Targets are 18" wide making them the perfect size for any standard target stand!

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High Visibility Hits

As the bullet passes through the target the paint is rubbed off, revealing the dark rubber and giving a highly visible and accurate hit marker


Our material self-heals by returning to its original form after being shot. Guaranteed up to 110 rounds of 5.56 per square inch!

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About Infinite Defense

Here at Infinite Defense we thrive on innovation. It all started with trying to fill a gap in the current available target systems. This sparked our development of the Infinity Target in early 2019. We saw the market lacking an affordable reusable target system. We created our self-healing rubber targets to be as universal and as cost effective as possible, to fit on your existing target stands and not break the bank. We chose the perfect ballistic material blend to achieve that. This also provided added benefits such as no ricochet, water and weather proofing, reusability up to 110 rounds per square inch. All our targets are safe to use for self defense training where steel would be an unsafe option. They will also outlast their cost in paper and cardboard targets all while offering the convenience of all its other benefits. We also have the ability to offer many common target templates as well as custom reusable target work. All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

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