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Product Features


Full-Size: 30" x 18" / C-Zone: 23.5"x12" ; Head and Shoulders cut to USPSA dimensions, allowing the target to be mounted to any standard target stand with the included spring clamps
Zoned targets have USPSA regulation zones etched into the target so there is no need to repaint or redraw zones!
Targets are ¾” thick allowing for easy storage and transport


11 lbs. per full-size target and 6 lbs. per c-zone (clamps included)
The weight makes the target weather and muzzle blast resistant, allowing you to shoot in any rainy/windy weather and as close to the target as you need!


Recycled Rubber sourced from the USA
Targets are manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona making this a 100% made in the USA product


Self-Healing properties: allowing the target to be used for thousands of rounds! (Median round count is ~3250 rounds depending on calibers, shot placement, etc.) Guaranteed up to 110 rounds of 5.56 per square inch.
Reactive Properties: As the targets are shot, the paint is worn away giving you an instant and exact location of your shot placement, and can be immediately spray painted over to continue onto your next drill.
CQC Compatible: The weight and material allow the target to be shot at point blank range without fear of fragmentation or the target falling over. It is also strong enough to withstand blows from knives and striking weapons
Weather Proof: The targets are water resistant allowing you to shoot in rainy weather and leave targets on the range for those with home or private ranges. There is also no need to worry about wear and tear from training or transportation!

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