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10 Pack of Replacement Clamps


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  • 110 Rounds of 5.56 Per Square Inch Guaranteed
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10 Pack of replacement clamps for newer shooters or just a rough day at the range 😉

Weight 5 lbs

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Price
missing part of order

Only received 6/10 clamps. Contacted support but haven't heard back.

Aaron Stuart
So Much Better Than Steel!

I am so glad that made this purchase! I have AR590 but it is heavy and difficult to take to range. These targets are so easy to move and they are really fun shoot.

David Browning
Excellent for Practice

Whether at the range or the farm, these targets provide continued practice without having to run to store or have new ones shipped in.

Tyler Mann
Clamps work perfect

Nice and strong for holding the target

Bestest EVER!!!

Love them! Super strong and totally withstands the impact of the bullet.

Must-have Features For Any Shooter

Mounting System

Mounting System

Use the included clamps to mount your target or use an alternate method such as driving construction screws through the target into your posts or drill out a hole and string up with rope!

High Visibility Hits

High Visibility Hits

As the bullet passes through the target the paint is rubbed off, revealing the dark rubber and giving a highly visible and accurate hit marker

Universal Size

Universal Size

Our full size Infinity Targets are 18" wide making them the perfect size for any standard target stand!



Our material self-heals by returning to its original form after being shot. Guaranteed up to 110 rounds of 5.56 per square inch!

Must-have Features For Any Shooter


Reusable Targets

Our targets are reusable so no need to worry about restocking on paper or cardboard. Our targets are weather proof as well so feel free to leave them out on the range!

Quick Transitions

Quickly spray paint over the high visibility hits to cover them up. Save all the time it takes to replace or tape cardboard targets between drills or students!


No Ricochet = No Danger

The bullet passes completely through our targets meaning no ricochet or spalling making our targets completely safe for close quarters use!

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