Gen 2 Infinity Target – 2 Pack


As seen in Garand Thumb’s “The Mandalorian’s Disruptor Rifle” and Micah Mayfield’s “458 Socom Feat. Administrative Results”

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  • 110 Rounds of 5.56 Per Square Inch Guaranteed
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DENSER, THINNER, STRONGER. Our 2nd generation of self-healing target material. This synthetic ballistic blend is still 100% recycled while also being 33% lighter
and 30% longer lasting than our original Infinity Target. The Gen 2 Infinity Target still boasts the same beloved benefits:

– Self-Healing up to 110 rounds per square inch
– No Ricochet: Safe in close quarters
– Reactive Hits: Simply spray paint to cover hits
– Weatherproof in ALL climates
– 100% Made in USA

Comes with 2 spring clamps per target for mounting

*WARNING: Will not work with hollow point ammo or shotgun slugs. Flat tip ammo will cause quicker decay of the target. Buckshot and birdshot should be used at a minimum distance of 12 yards to allow the shot to spread.

Weight 18 lbs

Silhouette, Sheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Should’ve puchased long ago

Great targets. Nice to just paint and go again. Can still count a hits just like paper.

A real range changer.

I shoot at an outdoor range. That does not allow Steele. I wanted a rubber dummy for awhile now. And almost bought it until I found these. I decided to give them a try. As I could get 2 of them for less then 1 rubber dummy. And I am very glad I did. These things are everything you want in a target. They are not to heavy. Very easy to see. It's like a shoot and see target with none of the drawbacks of paper. Rain won't affect it. And the wind doesn't bunch up. Or blow it off like a paper target. And it only takes seconds to touch it up with paint. And it's like a brand new target. My final thoughts. If you are looking for something better then paper. And something lighter then steel. That you can shoot much closer then steel. Then support an American company and buy these targets.

Cyrus Anonuevo
Just do it.

If you’re on the fence about these targets, get off of it. Just buy them. I don’t think I will ever go back to paper targets.

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