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About Infinite Defense

Infinite Defense is not just a company; it's a movement that's redefining the shooting world. Established in 2019 by our visionary CEO, Elijah Lorence, we proudly call Phoenix, Arizona, our home. Our primary goal is to revolutionize the shooting experience by offering innovative, eco-friendly, and long-lasting self-healing shooting targets.

Our signature achievement is our self-healing shooting target, a marvel of engineering and sustainability. Designed and developed in-house, these targets can withstand an impressive 5000+ rounds before needing replacement. This exceptional durability ensures that our customers enjoy a long-lasting and cost-effective shooting experience.

But what truly sets Infinite Defense apart is our commitment to the environment. Our self-healing shooting targets are crafted from 100% recycled rubber, making them a sustainable choice for shooting enthusiasts and professionals alike. No longer do you need to rely on paper targets, which contribute to waste and ongoing expenses. With Infinite Defense, you're choosing a greener and more efficient alternative.

Our journey is defined by innovation, a passion for sustainability, and an unwavering commitment to making shooting training accessible and eco-friendly. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to lead the charge in creating a future where shooters can train effectively, efficiently, and in harmony with the environment.

Infinite Defense represents a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and environmental responsibility. Join us in this exciting adventure as we redefine the future of shooting targets, making our world safer and cleaner one shot at a time.

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Elijah Lorence

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Zane Webb

VP of Operations
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Matthew Bennett

VP of Sales
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