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As you know love social media here at Infinity Systems LLC, in fact our business had a social media page before we even had an online marketplace. We know you love it just as much as we do! For those of you that have a reputable presence on social media you’re in luck as we are looking for ambassadors to promote and rep our products / brand!


  • 2 targets a month at 80% off
  • 35% off all targets and accessories
  • 50% off all clothing and gear
  • A 15% off promotion code to share and promote; with additional perks based on how many times it is used


Send to our email

Please submit the following:

  1. Name
  2. State and City of Residence
  3. Link or username for Instagram (must be on public or accept or follow for review)
  4. Link or username for Facebook (must be on public or accept or follow for review)
  5. A brief explanation of why you use / want to use our targets and how you will incorporate them into your usual shooting routine. Why should we choose you?

*If you are accepted into our program you will be notified via email containing your ambassador information*