Directions & Safety

  • Do not shoot with any hollow points, explosives, incendiaries, wads, or slugs
  • Attach to sturdy target stand with provided clamps, screws, or your preference of mounting
  • Paint over hits with any paint or spray paint (primer is preferred & any color will work)
  • Approved for any ball/FMJ caliber up to .50 BMG
  • Follow all NRA safety guidelines
  • The target does not stop bullets
  • Place the target in front of safe backstop
  • Do not discharge you firearm with the barrel in contact with the target
  • Keep nose and mouth covered while painting
  • Target paint may be scratched during the shipping process, the target is not damaged and it can be easily touched up with some spray paint!

Step 1. Setup & Secure Base

Step 2. Clamp or Screw In Target

Step 3. Shoot

Step 4. Spray & Repeat