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Infinite Defense

4-Pack C-Zone Targets With Zones

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4 Pack of our Patent Pending Infinity Targets with in a C-Zone configuration with CARVED standard USPSA zones! Now you no longer have to constantly draw zones as they are carved and still visible when painted over.

- 100% Recycled Rubber

- Self-Healing 3000-5000 round lifespan (dependent on shot placement & calibers used)

- Safe for close quarters use

- Simply spray paint to cover hits

- Weather Proof

- 100% Made in USA

Size: 23.5"x12" USPSA standard dimension zones. Target Stand and posts not included.  Comes with 8 incredibly strong spring clamps for mounting.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
adam miranda (Hesperia, US)
received order

Received order after ups lost infinite defense made sure I received it. Thank you. Also good product doesn't even look like it has been hit from the back after shooting at it.

Thank you so much for your patience! So glad you are enjoying our targets!

Timothy Walling
I Love These Targets

These are very thick material. They are withstanding 500 rounds from me to date. You can easily see your hits. Your hit zone is always visible because of the deep cuts to online them. No pasting I love it. A little white paint and you are shooting again.
I'll never use another targets. I purchases 4 more. They are worth the money.

Herschel Williams
Not quite sure...

Haven't shot alot of 223 at them but I am seeing holes already..I got these to shoot my ar 15 only.

Justin (Hilo, US)
Amazing reusable target

Never mind putting stickers on hole after hole. Just spray it and shoot again. We'll worth the money to save time on patching and spend more time on shooting. Will buy again once they wear out.

Thanks for the great review Justin!

wesley wisz (Chicago, US)
Great targets

Spent a morning on the range after getting a pack of them. Used just one target with a few hundred rounds through it including 5.56, .22 and .40, holes covered up easy with spray paint just like they show and even in big groups with the self healing ability was barely able to tell I shot it after coverup.
It was easy to see impacts from 50 yards even with the. 22 with no magnification. They're light enough to hang wherever you need, even would be just fine on a rope between posts. Only negative I have and its not even about the target, I didn't receive the clamps that were supposed to be included but since I had some it wasn't really a big deal. Overall these things are great and will most likely be my go to target for a while to come.

Thank you for the kind words! I'm very sorry the clamps were missing sometimes they fall out during shipping. Home Depot sells 2' spring clamps for 99 cents if you ever need more replacements!