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2 of our famous Patent Pending Infinity Targets with zones plus 1 target in C-Zone configuration with CARVED standard USPSA zones! Now you no longer have to constantly draw zones as they are carved and still visible when painted over.


– 100% Recycled Rubber

– Self-Healing 3000-5000 round lifespan (dependent on shot placement & calibers used)

– Safe for close quarters use

– Simply spray paint to cover hits

– Weather Proof

– 100% Made in USA

Size: 18″x12″ and 18″x30″ USPSA standard dimension zones

Includes the targets and the 6 incredibly strong spring clamps. Target Stand and posts not included.

*WARNING: Will not work with hollow point ammo or shotgun slugs. Flat tip ammo will cause quicker decay of the target. Buckshot and birdshot should be used at a minimum distance of 12 yards to allow the shot to spread.

Weight 26 lbs

Silhouette, Sheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

These targets are a game changer. Being able to transition from distance zero to 200m and back, spotting impacts the entire time is incredible. Sessions are faster and more clean than and steel or paper range. We will be ordering more

Doyle Patton
Good targets

Light weight and work well.


McLovin' these targets! They are heavy duty and perform as advertised. This company is great w/ customer support. They were out of the regular target stands and sent me the upgraded folding target stands without charging me more. Also hooked me up with extra clamps and shipped quickly. I completely agree w/ Jason Resciniti's review below. And add that I use the ID targets(0-50yrds) in conjunction w/ my steel targets set at 100yrds+. They compliment the steel perfectly because you can shoot at the ID targets to zero yards and still have approx 50 yrds+ to get the instant gratification of the ring of steel. The only drawback with buying more spray paint is the clerk at the paint store looks at you like you are a "Huffer." lol, jk:)

Looks good

I haven’t been able to use them yet but the quality looks good.

Jason Resciniti
I Did the Math and I Like Them A Lot

First the math, then the break down of how they performed.
(TLDR: Great Value, I wouldn't prefer them for long range shooting, I like them for 50 yards and in)

Full-sized IDPA paper targets typically cost me about $2/piece
I typically replace my IDPA paper targets after about 50 rounds to freshen them up.
Infinite defense claims a 3,000-5,000 round lifespan on their targets, and after my shooting, I think that's fair.

at $2 per 50 rounds worth of paper targets it costs me about $120 in paper targets to shoot 3,000 rounds and there is no splatter effect. (this is estimating the low side of the target's life)
I bought the whole bundle of three for around $200. Now, sure there's spray paint I have to buy added in there too, but to get solid targets that don't blow around in the wind, give me visual feedback with the splatter effect, are safe to practice at 10 yards and in, and reset with spray paint....all for less money than I would spend in paper targets, I'm happy.

The entrance holes are tiny, barely visible, the exits are slightly larger, but I really see these lasting the 3,000+ lifespan that they claim. I shot .22lr, .223/5.56, .308, and 9mm at them.

So, why four stars?
I realized after buying them that they serve next to no purpose past about 50 yards; and even then, it's iffy. I shot them at 50 yards, and you can see the "splatter" impact at that distance if you have a fresh target and good eyes. With a scope, no problem, of course.

But there is no audible confirmation. So, I found that at 100+ yards, I actually prefer steel. At that distance, I prefer the ring of the steel as impact confirmation, and steel has no temporary life span (assuming you dont shoot 50 BMG at your 3/8s AR500 like a moron).

So, in conclusion. These are great, I train with them now 50 yards and in. They came with clamps which was super nice (6 clamps, 2 for each target). And they are great value. I recommend.

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