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Infinite Defense

C-Zone Target With Zones

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OurĀ Patent Pending Infinity Target with in a C-Zone configuration with CARVED standard USPSA zones! Now you no longer have to constantly draw zones as they are carved and still visible when painted over. Now standard with extra space for clamps!

- 100% Recycled Rubber

- Self-Healing 3000-5000 round lifespan (dependent on shot placement & calibers used)

- Safe for close quarters use

- Simply spray paint to cover hits

- Weather Proof

- 100% Made in USA

Size: 23.5"x12" USPSA standard dimension zones.Ā Target Stand and posts not included.Ā  Comes with 2 incredibly strongĀ springĀ clampsĀ for mounting.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Christopher Pavelec (West Hartford, US)

The idea of a reusable target drew me to this product. After the first time using it and only throwing 200 rounds at it, large holes were shot out of it. Maybe this works better with a smaller caliber such as .9mm or smaller but not so good for .45acp.

Drew (Parrish, US)

There is no need to buy any other target EVER. These targets serve every purpose and entertain everyone at the range. Made in the USA by Americans for Americans. Can I get a ā€˜Merica f*ck yeah!

Caliber sensitive

Prob a great product for .223 or 5.56... but sadly my .50 cal blew big holes through them.

Thank you for sharing your experience it's greatly appreciated! We've had mixed reviews when it comes to testing .50 cal ammunition. We will be conducting further research on this. We're happy to refund you for the negative experience with the .50
Thanks again! :)

Kenneth Brown (Terrebonne, US)

Hard to see shots but it got the job done

Tyler (Somersworth, US)
Excellent purchase

I canā€™t recommend these targets enough. Great target to have for the range. Easy to see hits, long lifespan of target, and easy to reset target by covering hits with spray paint in between shooters, drills, or once youā€™ve made too many hits to see clearly. Will absolutely be purchasing more products from infinite defense.