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Infinite Defense

Gen 2 Infinity Target

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As Seen in Garand Thumb's 'We review the Mandalorianā€™s Disruptor Rifle. The Amban.' Video.

DENSER, THINNER, STRONGER. Our 2nd generation of self-healing target material. This synthetic ballistic blend is still 100% recycled while also being 33% lighter
and 30% longer lasting than our original Infinity Target. The Gen 2 Infinity Target still boasts the same beloved benefits:

- Self-Healing up to 110 rounds per square inch
- No Ricochet: Safe in close quarters
- Reactive Hits: Simply spray paint to cover hits
- Engraved zones
- 100% Made in USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Top Shot Dustin (Dallas, US)
Pretty cool!

Iā€™ve always been repulsed by ā€œself healing targetsā€ in the past, however the way you can renew it just like a steel target - yet shoot at it closely and safely - thatā€™s awesome. We use it at our Youth Marksmanship Camp for full auto demonstrations so we donā€™t have to worry about any fragging. Super safe, and itā€™s taken over 1,000 rounds so far yet you can still see your bullet strikes after a quick coat of paint.

saul gomez (Guyton, US)
Great targets

The targets are great! Really do self heal! The only thing I would say is that they are a bit heavier than you would expect and really need to make sure your stand that is going to hold them is secure. The weight will have them start to fall.

Once you get them secured it is game on!

A secure target stand will solve that problem! The weight is great for wind resistance as your target will not flap around or tear in windy conditions. Thanks for the review!

S.G. (Grantsville, US)
Awesome targets

I reviewed these on my Yt channel and thousands of rds later they look brand new highly recommended

Chris Ackerman (Lubbock, US)
Works great !

Took it out a few days ago. VERY happy with it. Works very well.

John Cassetta (Rochester, US)
Mostly good but not suitable for 5.56

Iā€™m mostly pleased with my Gen 2 targets but I canā€™t use them for 5.56 because Iā€™ve drilled very clean holes through the targets with those rounds. No healing happening there. As far as 9mm and other handgun calibers are concerned, these targets are exactly as advertised.