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Infinite Defense

IDPA 3-Pack

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Our new IDPA target in a 3-Pack Bundle! This is a made to order product so please allow 4-7 day for fulfillment. This model still uses our Patent Pending self-healing technology and as always the zones are ENGRAVED! You will not have to constantly draw zones and they are still visible when painted over. They come with (2) spring clamps for mounting.

- Dimensions: 30"x 18"x 0.75"

- 100% Recycled Rubber

- Self-Healing 3250 +/- 1000 round lifespan (dependent on shot placement & calibers used)

- Safe for close quarters use

- Simply spray paint to cover hits

- Weather Proof

- 100% Made in USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gram McGregor (Nine Mile Falls, US)
Great competitive price and responsive customer service

I like the ease of install, use and repainting but I am seeing holes already. Probably 100 rounds of 9mm and 20-40 of .45 ACP. I voiced concern to customer service and they sent me a new target. But now I'm worried about long-term use.

Joe C (Rochester, US)
great product!

They are a nice weight so they are stable on windy days. Paint sticks easy and I've put quite a few rounds through them already and they are working out great. Solid product, good value!