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Infinite Defense

Blank Infinity Target

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Our Patent Pending reusable Infinity Target!

- 100% Recycled Rubber

- Self-Healing 3000-5000 round lifespan (dependent on shot placement & calibers used)

- Safe for close quarters use

- Simply spray paint to cover hits

- Weather Proof

- 100% Made in USA

Size: 30"x18" USPSA standard dimensions. Come with 2 incredibly strong spring clamps for mounting. Target Stand and posts not included. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
nice targets ... friendly customer care ...... but ....

I originally ordered two blank targets..... I received one zoned target.. I really needed two blank targets. customer care said keep the target you have and we will send out the two targets you ordered .... I got one ... so now i have one of each .... wish i had the two blanks i ordered ... but we will make do.. I really hate to ask again to correct my order ......

Nels Gundersen (Omaha, US)
Great targets

So long as you use FMJ ammo, these targets will last a very long time. Great product.

Raph Estioco (Placentia, US)
not bad atall

target works great! not problems and works as advertised. sent a few hundred rounds through it (9mm and 223) way better alternative then the rubber dummy which is 3x times more

Alex Diaz (Austin, US)
Great investment!

I'm always looking for new and great products and Infinite Defense came in clutch! Self healing and reactive, and a simple spray can and good as new! Highly recommend!