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Infinite Defense

Infinity Target with Zones

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Our Patent Pending Infinity Target with CARVED standard USPSA zones! Now you no longer have to constantly draw zones as they are carved and still visible when painted over. Now with an option to add space for clamps!

- 100% Recycled Rubber

- Self-Healing 3000-5000 round lifespan (dependent on shot placement & calibers used)

- Safe for close quarters use

- Simply spray paint to cover hits

- Weather Proof

- 100% Made in USA

Size: 30"x18" USPSA standard dimension zones. Comes with 2 incredibly strong spring clamps for mounting.  Target Stand and posts not included. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
jason miller (New Haven, US)
Great idea!

Ok so I got this target in hopes that it could withstand 1k-3k rounds. Well after just 500 rounds it has a 3 x 3 inch hole in the head and about the same size hole in the chest A zone. This was shot by only 9mm and nothing else. Very disappointing to say the least. Then I reach out to customer service and what I got back was... crickets. I had high hopes for this idea...

Vincent (Las Vegas, US)
Not practical

The idea is great but execution not so much. The targets are much too thick, too narrow, and heavy to ‘hang’ on a standard target stand. I understand that I chose to order the infinity target with zones but I was under the impression that they would be as wide as a standard ipsc cardboard target not so heavy as to not stay up with the included clips. I literally had to ‘rehang’ them after 4-5 9mm impacts dead center.

R.S. (Benton Harbor, US)
Almost Perfect Product

So far, this target has held up to everything that has been thrown at it. My only wish is that it was just a little more rigid so that when it was hung, it wouldn't swing or bend as much...really not that big of deal which is why I still give it 5 stars.

Kevin (Cornwall-on-Hudson, US)
Great targets

I really love these targets. I do wish they had some material along the top for the clamps to grip them and not be in the shooting zone.

jaran chesser (Hobbs, US)
I mean,

It’s like they work and don’t work at the same time. But 2 large targets of the 5 I bought total got punched out within easy 400 rounds. Maybe it’s just because I’m too good, who knows. Any who let’s talk about the clamps, I was missing a pair also but I’m no complainer. About those clamps though, seems like everyone and their mother hit them before the targets (minus me cuz I’m so good) and let me tell you it’s almost like the fractured metal clings even better to the targets than before. It looks like salad fingers is holding all my targets up. Sadly I was told I’d get a couple replacements since those two targets were set up quick but never heard back. My old Instagram did get banned for being such a scoundrel to the government though so maybe y’all tried contacting and I couldn’t hear back. Any who they’re worth buying to have them. They make great backings to staple shit too after they’re punched out also. Especially those mf’ing clamps. Any who sponser me and I’ll make it my mission to help you better your product.

With love and envy,